Jun 2016
An open source real-time ray tracing engine
Apr 2021
Something for the Girl with Everything
A zany hand-drawn animation with music by Sparks
Aug 2012
3D movie maker for the Minecraft universe
May 2012
A challenging platformer created in 72 hours
Aug 2011
Stop the player from reaching the goal!
Jan 2011
Minecraft Note Block Studio
Music editor for Minecraft's note blocks
Oct 2010
Open source Tetris clone
Jan 2012
A tragic tale of two young lovers and a street crossing
Jan 2012
The Poptart Tragedy
A tragic tale of two young lovers and a poptart
Sep 2011
A classic remade in Javascript
Dec 2011
The Math Test
A short film based on real life experiences
Dec 2010
The End of the World
The end is near here!
Apr 2011
Labyrinth generator
A script for generating and solving a labyrinth
Jul 2011
Text Colorizer
Add various color effects to text for forums and websites
Dec 2011
Color grabber
A simple tool for fetching a pixel from the screen
Jan 2010
Editable text fields for GameMaker:Studio projects
Jul 2014
RegEx find & replace and statistics for GameMaker:Studio projects
Mar 2009
Convert Game Maker's D&D actions into code
Jun 2011
Redstone Display Maker
Generates redstone circuits out of simple animations
Feb 2010
Melody Maker
A small tool for creating songs and sharing them via codes
Sep 2009
A set of scripts for a working inventory with items
Jan 2010
Colored words
A simple script for changing the color of words in a text
Jan 2014
3D shadows
Dynamic shadows using OpenGL shaders in GameMaker:Studio
Jun 2015
Ray Tracer
An open source ray tracer for rendering realistic reflections and shadows