Jun 2016
An open source real-time ray tracing engine
Jun 2015
Ray Tracer
An open source ray tracer for rendering realistic reflections and shadows
Jan 2014
3D shadows
Dynamic shadows using OpenGL shaders in GameMaker:Studio
Dec 2011
Color grabber
A simple tool for fetching a pixel from the screen
Sep 2011
A classic remade in Javascript
Jul 2011
Text Colorizer
Add various color effects to text for forums and websites
Apr 2011
Labyrinth generator
A script for generating and solving a labyrinth
Oct 2010
Open source Tetris clone
Jan 2010
Editable text fields for GameMaker:Studio projects
Jan 2010
Colored words
A simple script for changing the color of words in a text
Sep 2009
A set of scripts for a working inventory with items
Mar 2009
Convert Game Maker's D&D actions into code